💼​​ Staking

Staking is a big part of our ecosystem. In 24 hours after the mint you will be able to stake yout NFTs on out staking platform. To stake you have to:
  • Have at least one Oshi High School NFT in your wallet
  • Have 0.015 SOL to pay the gas fee
  • Press STAKE button on our staking platform
  • Confirm the transaction in your Solana wallet
For staking you will earn $OSH token. Rewards depends on rarity of NFT.

Rarity table

  • Common - 2 OSH/DAY
  • Uncommon - 3 OSH/DAY
  • Rare- 5 OSH/DAY
  • Epic- 8 OSH/DAY
  • Legendary - 15 OSH/DAY