🎓​ Oshi Academy

Oshi High School is not only an NFT collection of on Solana blockchain. Oshi High School is a place to educate yourself in the world of crypto. Those who dedicated their lives to learn, research and build. Out main goal is to create an Oshi Academy. A place to learn anything you want to know about crypto and NFT development or investing.

Main goals of Academy

  • Investing help. We don't make decisions instead of you. But we got big enough experience to help you avoid scam.
  • Articles. We will pushlish our own articles on a variety of topics as well as grab some great articles from many other sources.
  • Answear your questions. You have any crypto-related questions? We will help to find answears.
  • Education videos. Investing, research, networking, security, development. Everything you want to know in crypto.
  • Diplomas. After completing each course you will receive an NFT certificate.